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1988 Dec. Established business as an authorized semiconductor distributor for Winbond Electronics Corporation
1989 Apr. Became authorized domestic distributor for Dionix Diode
  Jul. Became licensed purchasing office for ATL Taiwan
  Dec. Became licensed purchasing office for Computer Image Systems (U.S.A.)
1990 Feb. Became licensed purchasing office for Teletech Telesystems (Manila)
  Apr. Became licensed purchasing office for Relm Communications Inc. (U.S.A.)
1992 Jan. Established a domestic inspection agency affiliated with Komatsuseiki Co., Ltd.
1993 Dec. Investment into Golden Age Electronics for post-processing of semiconductor
1996 Jan. Started manufacturing educational toys for Benesse Corporation
1997 Mar. Moved office to 1-10-10 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-Ku
1998 Feb. Started manufacturing alarm clocks for Seiko Clock Inc.
1999 Jun. Started manufacturing electronic dictionaries for Seiko Instruments Inc.
Oct. Installed quality control equipments for oscillation testing and high temperature / high humidity testing
2000 Mar. Moved office to 4-1-2 Ohsaki, Shinagawa-Ku
2001 May Exhibited at Monitoring System and Medical Show
2002 Mar. Started manufacturing digital cameras and PC cameras
2004 Mar. Started manufacturing TV games for Radica Games Ltd. and Sega Toys Co., Ltd.
2005 May Started developing Digimakeover TV Player
  Dec. Started developing GPS
2006 May Completed WB building and re-located office to our new building in 4-2-55 Ohsaki, Shinagawa-Ku
  Jun. Started manufacturing Digimakeover TV Player
  2007 Oct. Installed an X-ray fluorescence analysis device
  2008 Oct. Installed a Fourier transform infrared spectrophtometer (FT-IR)
  2010 Jun. Started OEM for SECOM Co., Ltd.
  2011 Aug. Completed development for Drive Recorder and selling
  2013 Dec. Accumulated quantity of CMOS Camera Pen are over 3 million in 3 years
  2014 Jul. Started selling Wi-Fi Cam (PlugInCam)
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